Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend service project

Our Cairo branch went to a leper colony Saturday to do some painting that needed to be done. The church here has served this little group of about 750 people for a few years now. It's a self-sustaining little colony that was organized by a German woman who took a dump yard and made it into something beautiful. A few years back the humanitarian missionary couple serving here helped them build a water purification plant, so they have clean water. There is also a bakery (see pictures) and an eye clinic. Not sure why the American flag is upside down, I think they just don't know better.

I helped scrape and repaint their front garden area. The children of course were sweet. They all wanted to come up and shake my hand. I gave them what little M&Ms I brought with me, thinking I should have thought ahead and brought more. One lady walked by and touched my hair, which of course wasn't covered. Not sure if she was curious or offended. It was a unique experience and I was glad to have the opportunity to serve.

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Becca said...

that's just awesome to read about. I miss you guys. For some reason this week, I just really missed you all. Glad to see you are busy doing good.