Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not quite Lake Tahoe

Tuesday I wore my shorts and almost suffocated in a very humid 75 degrees. Wednesday the temps dropped 40 degrees overnight and we had snow falling by evening.

A rarity in Houston, this storm is the 2nd earliest snow storm ever recorded. There were actual flakes accumulating on cars and grass. I laughed when I got several calls asking if our Church activity was canceled. "No, but drive safely," I cautioned. Police reported an "unusually high number" of traffic accidents. I'll bet.

My favorite was this though, a guy quoted as saying, "This is real snow. I feel like I'm in Lake Tahoe." Apparently this guy has never been to Lake Tahoe in a snowstorm, huh, Sharla?

But is was nice for me to see a little snow on the Christmas lawn ornaments. It makes it feel like the holidays here, if only for a moment.