Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some pages...

Lovin' my new scrapbook table. Can I still call it new? I've had it 6 months. But now that Maya is in school, I'm finding some precious "me" time to create. Custom made by an Egyptian carpenter whom my dad says is a "master" after inspecting his work. And you can't beat the price! It's perfect at elbow height, high enough to keep little fingers away. Though Ethen does like to go through the boxes and jars of things. So far not too much damage from him. Wait. Let me edit. Ethen has done plenty of damage elsewhere while I'm absorbed in my scrapping. I came out the other day to find he had ripped the dvd player out of the outlet after taking the dvd out. Then he had pulled the cover out of the case, and had proceeded to eat the paper. One minute of silence from him usually equals $100 in damage. Try as I might to keep all the bathroom doors shut, one is always open and he finds the toilet brush. Now I have to keep the kitchen door closed too, or cereal ends up everywhere -- several times a day. So basically, I keeped Ethen locked up and then I find time to work in here.

I made some tissue paper pompoms for Maya's birthday. Too cute to toss, so they became an addition to my room.

Here are some pages I've made over the past month.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coptic Cairo and Ramadan Iftar Layouts

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here's a layout from the Keddington Family Reunion this summer.

September 1-15

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two Layouts

So, I've been busy again lately scrapbooking scissor and glue style. It's called traditional. But, when these two templates came on sale for $1 each today at, I couldn't resist. Digital sure makes it quick and easy. And cheap.

Perhaps I'll post some of my traditional ones in the next little while.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid

Dave is attending the christening of a new drill ship today in Busan, South Korea. More on this when he gets home with hopefully some pictures.

I've been at home the past couple of days with the wild banshees. Maya hasn't had school because of the Eid ul-Fitr holiday. Though I haven't fasted, I am somehow grateful for it's end. The clocks have been set forward again today, and now Ethen will be waking at the crack of 6:30am instead of 5:30am. Small blessings.

Egyptians celebrate this holiday by buying new clothing and going out to amusement parks, public parks, and such. We celebrated only by eating Kahk, cookies dusted with powdered sugar and filled with with nutty stuff, and this only because Transocean sent us home with a huge box full of them. After trying 4 different varieties, I've decided they're not my thing, so I gave most of them to Nadia and wished her Happy Eid.

I've still got a few left if anyone wants to try them.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ramadan Iftar

We attended a Ramadan Iftar (break the fast) tonight at the Citadel. It was the annual Iftar for Transocean (think of it like an annual Christmas Party).

We arrived just before sundown. I was impressed with Dave for navigating us safely there. We let our driver go home and rest.

In the past, the dinner has been held in hotels, but this year, someone with clout booked the Mohamed Ali Mosque. We ate dinner literally at the foot of the mosque.

As we waited for the sunset, I admired the view. You could see the pyramids from our position. I saw an article the other day on a magazine with the byline, "When life gives you smog, enjoy the sunset." Indeed.

I was surprised that I liked everything I tried (except the spicy pickle.) My favorites were fattah (rice and bread) and roa'a (pastry type beef stuff.) The purple juice is hibiscus juice and the other is apricot.

The view from my chair of a minaret.

It was another awesome night to remember. Something I'd never imagined I'd do in a million years.