Sunday, June 28, 2015

More Lego Organization

So Maya's Lego Friends' collection is also growing.  She likes to keep hers intact.  I decided to use the Lego Playmat as the base for her Heartlake City and I just got a Ikea Lack Coffee table to put it on.  I like that the bottom shelf can be used to store the miscellaneous stuff.

I have put her Legos in the playroom, because the neighbors like to come play with them as well.

I have finally gotten a project that I started A YEAR AGO, up and out of my hair.  I knew that I wanted to do a travel gallery wall showcasing pictures that I've taken from around the globe.  I got all the frames from Michael's during their buy 1 get 1 free sale, and they were also 40% off and I had a 20% off total purchase as well, so really I scored here.

I decided to add the name of the place and a small description to each photo to identify where it was taken.  I purposefully didn't use any grid pattern, rather random placement, so that I can add more pictures here in the future.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lego Organization

Oh the task of organizing the exponential growth of Legos!  I posted awhile back here the solutions that I came up with for Ethen's room.  This is working out so far for us, but he needed more counter space to store the ones he keeps together, or rather, the ones I want him to keep together.

He has torn apart every single brick several times.  I've rebuilt his castle at least 3 times.  One day after the kids had gone to school I sorted every brick into colors and started building away.  The day turned into 3, but soon I had at least his large kits put back together.  I really wish I would have taken a picture of this process!  His floor was covered in Legos!!

I settled on the Container Store's Elfa shelving solution to build a few shelves for him.  Truth be told, I don't like the placement of them.  They stick out too much into the center of the room.  If I could redo it, I would just pick out a movable piece of furniture that wasn't bolted into the wall.  But I liked the shelf idea because they were adjustable and they didn't have sides, so they will let in light and are accessible from the sides.

I wanted a way to keep his different "worlds" together.  On top are his Monster Fighters, and in the middle are his Star Wars collections.  The bottom is kind of a catch all for miscellaneous.

I am keeping his Minecraft legos in a separate place because he is constantly taking apart and rebuilding this world.

I also built him a minifigure board.  I got the idea off of Pinterest.  It doesn't hold all of his minifigures, but it is a place to at least keep most of them, and they are easier for him to see and find.  I just ordered a bunch of 2x4 black bricks from and then used Super Glue (gel) to adhere them to a black dry erase board that I got at Michaels.

One last thing I made for his room was a fun print with the Aviation Alphabet on it.  He and Maya have been obsessed with learning it.

I made it in Photoshop Elements and then had it printed on canvas at 

Up next:
Organization of Maya's Lego Friends collection and some more playroom stuff.