Monday, June 20, 2016

Disney World 6x8 Mini Travel Album - part ii | Hollywood Studios

part i - Disney Springs and the B Hotel
part ii - Hollywood Studios
part iii - Epcot
part iv - Magic Kingdom
part v - Animal Kingdom


I decided to divide the album into "Parks" by using Becky Higgins 3x12 Scrapbook Divider.  I just cut it down to 3x8.  The reel card is from Project Mouse No. 2 bundle and the Hollywood Studios card is from PixieSprite.  All other things I created.

I printed the digital tag from the Project Mouse No. 2 Bundle.  The foam glitter Mickey sticker is from EKSuccess.

I printed the word strip from the Project Mouse Tomorrow bundle.  The Star Tours card is from PixieSprite.

I used two templates from Paislee Press on this spread. The Star Wars shopping card is from PixieSprite.

I got the fun Etch-a-Sketch card from PixieSprite.  The top image is cute from patterned paper from the Disney Parks Deluxe kit.  On the right, I created my own word art and taped the photo on a 6x8 cardstock divider that came with the Simple Stories yellow binder with washi tape that I created myself.
The backside of the paper has a guitar from Jolee's Boutique that I got at Michaels.  It is a little bulky for this album, so we'll see if it fits once all the pages are in.

These cards are from the Project Mouse Ice Bundle.

The Pizza Planet template is from Paislee Press.  The monster card is from the Project Mouse Tomorrow Bundle.

The 3x4 card is from Project Mouse Waiting for the Magic and the Toy Story card is from PixieSprite.  The 4x6 template is from Paislee Press.

The Indiana Jones journaling card is from PixieSprite and the others are from Project Mouse Frontier Bundle.

The word art on this layout is from Project Mouse Cars Bundle.  The journaling card is PixieSprite.

The fun Tower of Terror card is from PixieSprite.  So is the stormtrooper journaling card.  I put a sticker from the Disney Parks Deluxe kit on the Paislee Press 4x6 template.

I printed the Fantasmic card from a picture I got off the internet.  I created the Mickey head journaling card from a freebie and then added the Mickey head confetti that Maya picked up from the show and stitched the top shut.  On the right side, I made a 6x8 full page and added Project Mouse At Night word art and a Malificent sticker from Disney Parks Deluxe.
Up next:  part iii - Epcot

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Reading

I picked up this bookcase from Joss and Main for a great price.  In keeping with the travel theme of our play room, I put some of our odd travel trinkets that we've picked up at various places along the way.

Once again I signed my kids up for the local library's summer reading challenge. For every five books they read, they get a small prize. If they make it to 20, they earn their reading trophy. In order to better facilitate the process and keep the stacks in my house at a minimum, I've created a to-read bookshelf and stocked it with plenty of book for them to choose from. 

Maya's books are in the left 3 cubbies, and Ethen's are in the right 3 cubbies.

I'm still using my fun rainbow bookends to organize our current books in progress. This is located right by the door for a quick grab as we get in the car. 

Because of a recent trip to Boston, I researched a lot about patriotic books that teach our nations history. They would be great for the summer and 4th of July too. Here's what we read:

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
We walked by Longfellow's home in Cambridge and talked about this book.
Graphic History Series
Paul Revere's Ride The Boston Tea Party
We picked up these two graphic novels while in Boston at the Barnes and Noble.  They have a whole series of them.

Rush Revere Series by Rush Limbaugh
Rush Revere and the First Patriots: Time-Travel Adventures With Exceptional Americans Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans Rush Revere and the American Revolution: Time-Travel Adventures With Exceptional Americans Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans

Ellis the Elephant by Callista Gingrich
Land of the Pilgrims PrideSweet Land of Liberty

Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne

Who Was? Series
Who Was Paul Revere? (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

We are limiting our iPad time much like we did last year:  one chore = 1/2 hour of iPad time (games or videos). I've been more flexible with any educational app -- Maya is currently writing a book in Pages, and they like to play school and use several learning apps like DoJo. 

I also had them make a list of goals for the summer. They have a daily checklist to complete the essentials (piano practice and such) and work for a period on their goals. Hopefully this will keep our summer engaging and productive, instead of "killing our brain cells on the iPad" as my husband puts it. What things are you doing to keep your kids busy this summer?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

End of School Year

I did it.  I got all of last year's school papers in the albums --  documented -- just in time for the next explosion of stuff....

Although I have these physical products, I opted to do a digital page because it's so much faster for me, and because I was making two of them. Simple Stories School Snap Set

And here's a look at that explosion of what came home this last week of school:

Here's a look at how I did it...
I immediately go through it and keep only a small amount -- handwriting samples, short stories, and artwork.  Divide it into piles that make sense to you.

I lay out all of the artwork and take individual pictures of it.  I keep only a few of my favorites and toss the rest.  Do this when the kids aren't standing by you and put it in a trash can that they won't see it in.

I do keep some of my favorite pieces that will fit into a 12x12 Envelope Pocket.  I have these in the back of my album.  But the majority goes in the trash.

An alternative to "snap it," but your results will be a better image.  Better lighting.  Better quality.  But, it takes more time, so I don't do this except for special cases.

If it's extra special and you want to tell a story about it, this was a quick way to get it documented.  I scanned what she had written on the back of the picture to include on the bottom.  Then I cropped her picture down to fit in the space and glued it to the story I had written about it.

This is a modified CZ Design template she offered for free at

4.  TUCK IT - okay, keep a little bit

This is what I had left over for Ethen.  Still a lot.  But here's where Becky Higgins Envelope Pages come in handy.  They come in different sizes to fit your needs. I like to use them to group similar items together.  I love that they come with a 4x6 label pocket.  Here are some examples of how I used them:

I grouped all of his art and papers that had to do with sharks and stuffed them into this 8.5x11 envelope.  I had to trim the margins off of a few things to get it all to fit, but it is easily accessible.  I then scanned one of his drawings to put in the front 4x6 pocket as a label.

I used the 8.5x11 envelope to put 5 or 6 of Maya's short stories inside.  I trimmed off the top flap so they fit better.

This is an example of a special project.  Maya's diorama was too large to keep.  I took photos of it and then kept her supporting school work to tell the story.

I added a 4x6 tab to get extra pictures and a journaling card to write all the details down.  Again I cut the top off of the envelope so everything would fit and to get easy access to the papers inside.

Here are a few more miscellaneous layouts to round out the end of year stuff that overwhelms us at this time of year, but I love it.For Maya's dance pictures this year, I just ordered the cd.  I hate paying exorbitant prices for large prints that I don't have room for.  This way they can all be on one layout and I could resize as needed.

This is a modified template from Just Jaimee Stoctober 2013 at
Candyland stickers from Joann's.  Candyland image from internet.
 The kids end of year gymnastics routine had a fun Candyland theme that was super fun to scrapbook.

I wanted a special page to highlight Dave's first time as a Watchdog Dad.  It was one of their favorite days at school.
Papers and stickers from October Afternoon Milk Money Collection

Papers and stickers from October Afternoon Milk Money Collection

Just Jaimee August2013 Template.  Simple Stories School Snap Set.

Old Becky Higgins school kit - no longer available