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Life moves by like a speeding bullet train.  After I got married, I immediately moved away from my family.  I created this blog originally as a way for my family to connect with me.  I didn't want them to miss out on my world just because it happened to be "a world away."

{ see the world }
Soon life took me on so many unexpected journeys, that I definitely wanted to record each day, each moment  -- because I knew my memory would not be reliable for even some momentous occasions, much less the small heartfelt ones.

We moved from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Boston, Massachusetts, to Houston, Texas.  Here when my first child was born, I wanted my family to share each moment as she grew and changed so quickly.  Seeing them twice a year was not enough!

I adopted the philosophy of a picture a day when we moved to Geneva, Switzerland.  I wanted to explore and share every part of that experience with my family as I could.

This philosophy developed and changed and molded into different things as we went from Geneva, Switzerland, to Cairo, Egypt, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

{ document it }
As I began daily documenting in Switzerland, I found a new love in digital scrapbooking.  I have always been fond of traditional scrapbooking, and I still keep and make books for my children.  But in Switzerland I didn't have access to all the paper and stickers that I had been used to in the US.  So I took some classes and began making family albums of our everyday life and travels.

This has changed over time from a picture-a-day to more of a monthly collage of living my everyday life and documenting the travels that come our way.

These books are made digitally and printed.  My husband and kids are frequently looking through these books, remembering things that they would have forgotten if they didn't have the photographic evidence.

I have a passion for living this life, seeing the world, and documenting it . . . one story at a time.

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