Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am SO not a runner...

...but when I saw that Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure was having their 2nd Annual Race for the Cure at the Giza Pyramids, I thought what an amazing venue! When I learned that the race was only 1.5km, I thought that I could probably handle that.

Just to make sure I could run a mile, I did "train" for a few weeks before, just so I didn't fall down or something.

Dave was nominated to push the kids in the stroller and was determined to be "first stroller" in the race. He was eager to start the race, and ran off without me, and we were separated in this throng. It started at the smallest pyramid and Egypt's first mistake was to let the buses drive people up to the start.

While frantically trying to find my family, I heard what I thought were numbers being counted down (I'm not so good at Arabic). Before the counting was done (I later learned that the countdown started at 25 and the crowd starting running at about 19) I found myself looking at this view -- left in the dust, literally:

Granted, I was not the last to start, there were still about this many people behind me, but I felt like I had totally failed before I started. Just then I heard my name and found a group of people from church who were walking the race. At least I didn't feel totally alone anymore. I was still determined to run the race -- after all I didn't do all that "training" for nothing. I had them snap a photo of me and then I was off.

We sort of. I had to snap a photo of where I began running. You see, in all the chaos of people, there were still buses trying to bring people to the top. Driving right on the only paved road. So this was my starting line, I think falling down is now lower on my things-not-to-do list and GETTING HIT BY A BUS, has just made it to the top.

After a bus left a big puff of black exhaust in my face, I decided that the road was too deadly in more ways than one, so I opted to run in the sand. That didn't last long, because my ankles are not built for that type of terrain.

Back on the road, I was again in harms way, but here I'd like to pause and thank my lucky stars I'm not running (or walking) this race in a full black burkha. I was so proud of the woman for wearing the hat -- you go girl! I'm grateful she got this chance to express herself.

I'm not sure where the race ended, but my ipod was telling me I had run about as far as I would have at home (thanks to P!nk and Daughtery for getting me through this mess). News reports say that 9000 people participated in the race, not including the onlookers and bus drivers :)

About that time, I saw a familiar face. My husband searching the crowd. Reunited again, whew! Here is what I think was the finish line. Hard to tell with all those people STANDING IN THE WAY!

All in all, though this was technically my first race, I don't think it counts. No starting time, no finish time (there was no sort of clock or anything), obstacles...I think I'll just chalk this one up to another "once in a lifetime experience."

A little side story...
We were constantly hounded by people wanting to take a photograph of the kids. Nonstop. People would take pictures of us as we walked or yell at us to stop. If we did, we'd soon be surrounded by cameras. I think that we could easily have pictures of Maya and Ethen posing with 50 or so Egyptians. The kids were good sports through it all, but after awhile I had to start yelling, "la, la, la" NO MORE!

The camel guy singled us out and practically forced us on his camel, and once again we had the scarf on our heads that we didn't want -- but I thought that this really would be an interesting picture, so I obliged. But who is the guy on the right acting like he belongs with us?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Maya's Birthday Pictures

Getting around to some of the pictures from Maya's birthday.

I made this layout from this template by Crystal Wilkerson that is on sale today for $1. If you want a FREE template from her, go to her blog.

I'll post a picture of her Belle Princess Party tomorrow. I made that layout traditional style, and I forgot my camera at a friend's house, and I will retrieve it tomorrow to take a picture of the layout. Till then...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New skills

So I've gained some new skills. In the layout below I've learned how to make my own stitching using a brush. offers mini-classes that teach you a skill or two. I made this page in 15 minutes. The class comes with everything you need: template, papers, elements, etc. All you need is a photo and a little bit of ambition. Give it a try!

Here I learned how to mimic the look of pinked edges(the triangular mat below the photos). Pretty cool and easy. Want to learn it? Go here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things U Say

Today this layout is featured over at They are having their weekly "One Buck Wednesday" sale, where you can get lots of products for $1! Including this fun template that is very versatile. It comes with a full alpha and several elements as well as the template. Get it before this deal ends at midnight Eastern time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Classes at Jessica Sprague

There's TWO new classes starting at today.

It's for your TWEENS and TEENS. Do they have more photos on your computer than you do? Are they eager to make their own books? Here is a great way for them to learn the basics of digital scrapbooking and they will have a nice album when they are finished. Details below.

They are both SELF-PACED classes, which mean they can be stopped and started at any time (so you can ensure that their homework gets complete ;)



Or are you just wondering how I learned to make my pages? Get started for FREE! offers this awesome quick start that you will walk away with 2 FREE pages and a lot of know-how! Try it!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Project

I HUGE thank you to Neil, who carried over 10 lbs of Halloween Candy in his suitcase to a Target-starved wife/mother gearing up for the holidays. I just hope we can keep some around for Halloween. My hand has already been in this dish too much already, and I won't tell you how many times I've scolded Dave.

Ethen has learned to carry the stool over to the counter and fish around in the dish, so I've had to move it to a high, hidden cupboard. Though I must admit, a dum-dum sucker will quiet him right down when he's whining he's hungry and dinner isn't ready yet.

I made these cute Trick or Treat sticks out of kebab sticks and some elements from
Tricks & Treats Element Pack.

Check it out!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And To Think That I Saw It All on Ring Road

I've decided that I am starting a new blog column called
"And To Think that I Saw It All On Ring Road."
I imagine that this will be the first of more posts,
As I try give you a glimpse -- at the most.

Rest assured that I'm not telling outlandish tales
Or turning small minnows into much bigger whales.
I'm simply uploading a proof-showing photo,
The craziest things I see here on Ring Road (oh!) ;)

First things first -- there are lots of trucks.
They move awfully slowly, sometimes they get stuck.
But it's their cargo that's interesting -- so much more than a load
For a load is too small to describe the encumberance they hold.

Now sometimes when the truck is too full for it's size
You'll find another jaw-dropping surprise.
If you look carefully, yes there, way up high
Eminently perched on a throne is a man going by!

But where (you might think) are the women to ride?
While they clutch kids and babes close to their side?
No, no, not in front, it's too good a source.
Just toss them in back with her friends, of course!

But if you've no car, a bike will do fine
No problem to ride side-saddled behind.
Clutching two kids, but you know I have seen
Five in all, 2 adults with 3 kids inbetween!!

"My goodness!" You exclaim, "What else have you seen
Through the fog of pollution with eyesight so keen?"
True it is hard, these things to behold
Through the thick cloud of smoke of burning garbage on the road.

But, alas, very common are many a beast
I saw some sheep right there on the road eating a feast.
But the most common of all doesn't eat grass.
The thing you see most often is ass.

There is so much to tell, I can hardly begin
What I've seen without my camera in hand.
So I'll capture some more snapshots in a mode
Of the things that I see all day long on Ring Road.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Creative Team

Speechless. I am so excited that I have been chosen to be a part of the Creative Team. I submitted 3 of my pages to be judged and have been chosen along with 19 other scrapbookers.

That means that you'll be seeing more of my pages, and so will a lot of other people.

Thank you, thank you, Jessica!

Go here to see the announcement. You'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the post.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ethen @ 18 months

For all the messes he makes, I sure love this kid. He is growing up so fast, each day he learns new words, his latest being, "Amen!" shouted before, during, and after prayers. He has reached a whole new level of independence (much to my dismay) by carrying the stepstool to the place he wants to explore. Bookshelves are no longer out of his reach, and neither is whatever is on the kitchen counter. He is the only kid I know that stuffs the kleenexes back into the box after he has pulled them all out. I wish he'd do that with the Fruity Pebbles. His ability to put puzzles together is increasing, and he has mastered several already. Each day I plant several kisses on those chub cheeks, knowing that they will soon not be so readily kissable. Love you, little man.

Saturday, October 2, 2010