Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 2015 Layouts

Here are my layouts from March 2015.  Our years are starting to repeat themselves in a way.  We have lived here twice as long as any other place during our marriage.

Word Art from Ali Edwards; Border strip collage from Splendid Fiins

Saturday, March 19, 2016

An Epic Seventh Adventure

This sweet thing has turned 7.

When Ethen told me he wanted to have an Indiana Jones party, I was super excited.  I knew that I'd be able to have fun with this theme.  Once again, all ideas were pilfered off of Pinterest and modified to fit my needs.

First I made the invitations and sent them two weeks prior to the party.  The contents of the package including the following:

For the invitation itself, there were some great silhouette images by Mathew Reynolds on the internet, and I created the Indiana Jones type lettering in Photoshop.  I printed all things on my home printer.

Next I included a map that I made that gave a little glimpse to where our adventure would eventually take us (Peru, India, and Egypt).  I just printed it on normal printer paper and cut around the edge.

Then I made a little 12-page booklet that gave them clues and hints to our treasure hunt.  They were looking for the lost Peacock's Eye (that I.J. found in Temple of Doom, but lost again).  I pulled a lot of my pages out of a cool book called, "The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones" and modified it to fit my needs.  They are out of order here, because I was printing booklet form, but you get the idea.

I wrapped all the contents into postal paper and found the stamp and postmark online.  I reproduced the stamp, printed it on sticker paper, and had my Silhouette cut out the jagged edges and it turned out very realistic.

I typed the labels that I got at Michaels using my typewriter and tied them with string.  We hand delivered our invitations to the kids.


The first stop for the kids was the supply tent.

I made the tent from a sheet and a curtain I got at Goodwill. Dave hung it with PVC pipe.  I used my Silhouette to cut out a stencil for the boxes and I just spray painted them.

I purchased the leaves, compasses and hats from Oriental Trading.  I got the lantern, netting, and antidote from the Dollar Store.  I got the crystal skull from Amazon, and the crate from Joanns.

I made their canvas bags.  I am definitely no seamstress, but even I could make these.  Each one took about 15 minutes.  Here is a little tutorial.

Each bag was 12" x 22.5" which I folded in thirds after finishing one end. I cut notches in the end to make the bottom flat. Then I sewed up the sides.

Pinch the notches together and sew shut to make the bottom.

I finished the edges all around the flap and then added the strap.  The strap was 40" long.  After I finished, I ironed them after to give them a better look.

Then I printed name tags for them and printed them on a sheet of Silhouette Printable Canvas.


I had clues posted around that let them know where to go and what to do.  Maya made me some awesome signs for the countries.  It was a very blustery day, but we managed to make it work.

Their first challenge was to put 3 darts into Camazotz' head.  I got the mini blow dart from Amazon for $5.99.  It worked really well!

Dave wiped the gun down with alcohol swabs after each turn.

Next up was a whip challenge.  It was blowing hard enough we had to weigh our cups down with rocks.

Then they had to replace the golden idol with a bag of rocks without knocking it over.

After they all completed the challenges, the next stop was India where we had a feast prepared.


I had fun recreating the feast from Temple of Doom.  I decorated our dining room with some Hindu gods that I got from the ethnic part of town.   

The menu:

Maya and her friend Lea were our servers.  They announced each dish as they brought it in.

First up: Snake Surprise (Jimmie John sandwiches shaped like a snake with olives for eyes and a hors d'oeuvres pick for the tongue.)

Next we had dried beetle wings (potato chips.)

And eyeball soup (grapes in yogurt).

Dave served us Pankot Punch (Hawaiian Punch with Sprite).

And lastly, for dessert, chilled monkey brains (cupcakes).  I just made red velvet cupcakes and shaped the cream cheese frosting like a brain.  I printed cupcake holders to wrap around them.

Oh no!   Did you drink the Pankot Punch?  You've been poisoned by the maharajah!  Grab the antidote you should have in your bag!

So off they headed to Egypt

where they encountered a snake pit.

And the final clue:

Off they went at full speed.

There was a pool full of mulch on the island that had obvious treasure in it.  They quickly tore it apart and found some jewels, some scarab beetles, and some jade buddhas, but no Peacock's Eye...

I reminded them to consult their journal, which gave a clue that said, "The dragon is the key to your dreams."  The older boys figured it out for the younger ones.

 On a tree branch I hung a dragon directly over a buried treasure box.

They dug and dug and got really dirty until they finally uncovered it.  They were so excited that they reached in and grabbed handfuls of stuff before they realized it was full of bugs also.

I put jewels I bought from Amazon and chinese coins and the peacock's eye I found in the ethnic part of town on Harwin Street in the treasure box.


 Happy treasure hunters with their prize!

And one epic day for this little adventurer!