Saturday, March 10, 2018

Science Birthday Party

Ethen turned 9 today and is loving all things science.  I mean like REALLY LOVING SCIENCE.   He memorized the periodic table this summer, and that just sparked a whole new world of questions and learning paths.  He totes his dad's college chemistry books all around town, and loves to have his dad teach him.  So far he has learned to balance chemical equations, a little trigonometry, and who knows what else.

I like to think that my creative side balances out his dad's intellectual side, so he gets the best of both worlds.  Ethen originally wanted to invite his friends to the Museum of Natural Science, but I convinced him that I could throw a pretty great science party if he'd let me.  After all, we only have a few years of elementary birthday parties left.

I decorated our front entry for the month with science-related things.
I prepared a larger than life periodic table to adorn the wall.  He started helping me type it, but I was much faster, so he read the info while I typed.  He then put it all in order for me while I stuck it to the wall.

I also hung various signs around the house to create a laboratory atmosphere.  I put a clear shower curtain over the doorway to the laboratory with restricted access.

The safety tape came from Amazon.

These signs are free on

Along with the invitation, I sent each kid an ID badge that allowed them past the front door.  The adults weren't allowed to come any further.

Syringe pens are from Oriental Trading.

The kids read and agreed to the safety rules before beginning.  I also got this awesome fingerprint scanner for the iPad that analyzed their print and either granted or denied access.  For only 99 cents, it was a super fun addition.  They totally thought it was real.

Each kid got safety glasses, a lab coat I made out of old white mens' dress shirts, a pen, and a folder of classified experiements.

Colorful folders are from Office Depot.

I scoured Pinterest and the internet for some really cool science experiments that were kid-friendly, but had a little "wow" factor.  I printed all the instructions in their file folders.

I had all the materials prepped and ready to go upon arrival.

This was a density experiment making each color a little more dense by adding salt.  I got the density just right with a little practice beforehand.  Then they slowly layered the water in a test tube with a syringe.

We made our own sodium bicarbonate colored bubble lamps.

They marveled at how Vitamin C water takes the color out of iodine.

They used pure acetone to reduce styrofoam to a plastic blob by removing all the air.

For the last experiment, we used 20 volume hair developer (strong hydrogen peroxide), dish soap, and yeast to make a great foam explosion.

Because this party had lots of chemicals and experiments, I kept the food simple.

We had cupcakes, grape molecules, and donut hole atoms.

Ethen helped me put some bacteria sprinkles on the jello petri dishes.

And this little science cutie was a sweetheart and napped during the cacophony. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 2017 Hybrid Layouts

This cute girl is Felicity Jane

I was pretty proud of my stitching on this page.  I didn't screw up the star!  I love saving bits of packaging to get the branding.  Especially when stickers are hard to find.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January 2017 Digital Layouts

Background is a free image off the web.

Monday, January 29, 2018

January 2017 Calendar Pages

Ahh, a fresh new year.  I've changed the way I'm going to document this year ever so slightly.  I've decided to use the kit For the Love of 2017 by Allison Pennington.  I grabbed it while it was a whopping 88% off.  She always has such beautiful, bold, bright, eye-catching stuff I love, and this kit coordinates all year long.  It is really going to make the just-the-right-color-scheme, and what-embellishment-should-I-use decisions super fast and easy.  Bring on 2017 (yes, I'm still a year behind!)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Friday, December 29, 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017

December Daily 2017 | Days 21-25





I cut EVE with my silhouette, added star confetti, and sewed it shut.

This little page protector is from Simple Stories, and it has adhesive on it to adhere to the top of the page.


Word Art a freebie from Ali Edwards.

I knew I'd have lots of photos from Christmas Day, but didn't want to spend pages and pages in my album.  I saw this idea in another post, and decided to try it.

I just took an 8.5x11 sheet of presentation paper that was good for photo printing on both sides without bleeding through.  Then I created a little template to get the placement of the photos and the folds just right.

The back side serves as a journaling spot and Christmas wrap up.

This acetate page divider is from Felicity Jane.

Thanks for looking!