Sunday, March 30, 2014

First day of School pages

Just now finishing back to school layouts and school is almost finished!  Ugh.  I need a boost of energy and creativity to get back on top of things.  I actually haven't been doing any digital scrapbooking lately.  I go through phases of which I'm more interested in doing.  Here are some hybrid examples.  Although now that the scrapbook store near me has closed, I might be doing less of these in the future.

To simplify my stuff, I usually do semi-duplicates of pages for each kid.  I also have been using a bit of Project Life pocket pages to just slide in 4x6 pictures and a little journaling card.

Here's a look at Maya's layout:

Here's a look at Ethen's layout:

And here is a page from last spring:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Star Wars Party??

Five years ago I hurried to the hospital to tell them my bébé garçon was coming.  One hour later he came into our lives and we have never been the same.  I love this boy so much and can't believe he's half a decade already.

When I asked him what kind of birthday party he'd like this year he replied he wanted to go to Monkey Joe's -- the local bounce house.  Ugh.  Really?  Visions of concussions and broken arms swirled around my head, but I told him okay.  After looking it up and gasping at the $300 price tag for 25 of your closest friends, I asked him to reconsider, telling him his mom might die of a heart attack if we try a party like that.

I reminded him that I love to be creative and would like to have a fun party at home.  He wasn't upset and quickly agreed that $300 was way to much to spend on a birthday party.  He suggested another Star Wars party.  Hmm.  We've been there before.  I think it's against some unwritten rule to have the same theme two years in a row.  So I threw in the Angry Birds twist.

"How about Star Wars Angry Birds party?" I suggested.  His eyes lit up and we had a dynamic duo idea.

That was before I knew that no one mass produces Star Wars Angry Birds party paraphernalia.  Mom would have to be super creative on this one I guess.  I was totally up for the challenge.

The Star Wars Angry Birds have fun different names that play on the pigs vs. birds theme.  I quickly came up with some fun food ideas.  I just made some cards and added stickers from a sticker book Ethen already had.  The Angry Bird font is called Feast of Flesh and is free on

The punch was just lemonade with sliced limes and green food coloring.

Here is a picture of the spread.  The pictures aren't great.  The ten 5-year-old boys were already here and it was chaos to say the least.

I sent them all outside to play a Angry Birds launch game with Dave.  He spent a few hours last Saturday building an awesome catapult.  The kids loved painting it, making it look just like Ethen's little toy.  I then wrapped some empty boxes and taped some pigtrooper images to the boxes, and we had ourselves a fun party game.

Thankfully it didn't rain, but it was a bit gusty.  Dave had to hold the boxes so they wouldn't blow over.  In hindsight I should have added a little weight inside of them.

We then shuffled all the kids inside for a piñata. Once again I had to get crafty.  I got a giant balloon from hobby lobby and paper-mâchéd the entire thing.  It took about 4 layers of newspaper.  Just mixed flour and water for a basic paper-mâché.  So-not an attractive picture of me but you get the idea.

I cut out holes after it was dry and inverted them for the eyes.  I used paper cups cut in half to shape the ears.

I then painted it with acrylic paint.  Ethen helped me fill it with eggs, a lightweight way to put more bulk, less candy.  He even included the "golden egg" for one lucky winner.

Then we had cake.  I just made an image that the grocery store laid on top and I put some of Ethen's Angry Bird Star Wars toys on top.

I sent the boys home with little goodie bags of stuff I collected.  Got the buckets 2/$1 at the Dollar Tree and filled them with Angry Bird gummies, pop rocks, stickers, a ball, a glowstick, and a minifigure.  I stuck the name of each kid on it with vinyl and slapped some ABSW stickers on the side.

Happy Big 5!  He told me today he was too old for kisses.  I've given him a thousand today.  Love you so much, Ethen!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Published in April Issue of Paper Crafts

So since Creating Keepsakes magazine is no longer publishing, their sister magazine Paper Crafts is now Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking.  They are now an all digital publication.  This month, one of my layouts is published on page 90.

Not sure if you have to have a subscription for this link to work, but here it is anyway.
My layout:

April issue:
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Digital Issue for Subscribers: