Friday, March 26, 2010

Glimpses of everyday life...

So, the veg box didn't last. To all who left a comment about the zucchini, you win a prize. Who knew they could be so small? (Sorry mom, it isn't your fault I'm so kitchen illiterate.) After throwing away about 12 tomatoes, and wondering what to do with the purple cabbage in my fridge, I decided I could make better purchases at the store.

But veg box did teach me that eating an apple a day is good, and that Ethen loves kiwi. I am no longer scared of the produce aisle and will venture in there more often. I did eat a few things I don't have a name for, including a mini cantaloupe that was green inside (NO, it wasn't honeydew). All this experimenting and I didn't get sick once. I guess washing them in vinegar is working.

If only dinner were this easy:

It's felt pretty good to get back to the weight on my drivers license, pre-Maya. It's like I have a whole new closet full of clothes. That is if I don't indulge in too much of this:

It was very satisfying to see Maya eat cookie dough for the first time. She'd been playing online video games and found Pablo's Secret Cookie Dough recipe.

Still looking for school options for her, the days get pretty boring being a little cramped in the house. I throw a pity party each day when I get discouraged that we can't even go to a park or the library. I hear there is a zoo here we will probably check out, and the weather is getting almost warm enough to be pool weather. Seriously, am I the only one who didn't know Egypt was so cold?

Anyway, we did welcome Spring with a little critter, and not the cockroach I found on the floor (I thought we left those behind in Texas.) Luckily it was a little one, and not nearly as cute as Maya's caterpillar.

Thank goodness there was a bump for each color of the rainbow.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ethen at one

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Can't We All Be Brothers?

Living abroad bites sometimes. As of March 13, Egypt's government has banned Skype. They have a national telecom service here, and I guess Skype is cramping their style.

Sorry dad, just when we got it working. I'm trying to figure out a way to get it going by an anonymous proxy or something. We'll see, just stay posted.

Oh, and Egypt has also been listed on the top 10 Worst countries in which to be a blogger. I guess I'll have to watch my mouth.

In the words of Jack Handey, "Can't we all be brothers?"

Dave got his Egyptian drivers license yesterday, so today was our first adventure (to church and back). He did a good job. You don't realize how much driving gives you a sense of freedom until you're restricted by having to call a driver to run you around.

On another note, Maya and I have been paper crafting. Here are two of our creations:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First steps

A couple of days ago, Ethen took a couple of steps, and now he is taking about 7 at a time. Darn it, I just ordered some cute huggalugs for him to protect his knees, and now I need shoes!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good times.

I love the look of determination on Maya's face as she throws the ball. We had fun playing a little ball on Saturday with Daddy. It quickly turned into a game of tag. Love the little umpire as he made his way around the field inspecting each player.

Good times.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Giza Trip

Not too much to report. Maybe you heard about the diesel shortage here in Egypt. Trucks and busses were lined up on the streets (blocking traffic of course) waiting for fuel. I read one report where a guy got killed by a family member for arguing over who was going to get to fill up their tractor first.

We took the kids to the pyramids. We went inside Khafre (the middle one) and you have to bend over the whole time as you walk this narrow stairway and breathe hot, stuffy air. But it was a cool experience. I would have liked to spend more time, but the kids were tired and it was a warm day.

We were forced to drink sodas and pay for them and then we were strongly encouraged to buy some perfume from a shop that our driver took us to afterward. He must get a cut for bringing tourists, but I did get some nice smelling stuff that I actually use.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ethen is one!

What a difference a year makes!

My boy is climbing stairs, standing without support, and growing up way too fast.

Happy 1st Birthday, Ethen.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend service project

Our Cairo branch went to a leper colony Saturday to do some painting that needed to be done. The church here has served this little group of about 750 people for a few years now. It's a self-sustaining little colony that was organized by a German woman who took a dump yard and made it into something beautiful. A few years back the humanitarian missionary couple serving here helped them build a water purification plant, so they have clean water. There is also a bakery (see pictures) and an eye clinic. Not sure why the American flag is upside down, I think they just don't know better.

I helped scrape and repaint their front garden area. The children of course were sweet. They all wanted to come up and shake my hand. I gave them what little M&Ms I brought with me, thinking I should have thought ahead and brought more. One lady walked by and touched my hair, which of course wasn't covered. Not sure if she was curious or offended. It was a unique experience and I was glad to have the opportunity to serve.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Year's Diet

How's your New Year's Diet treating ya? If yours has already failed you, I thought I'd share my tip with you.

Move to Cairo.

So far on my Cairo diet I've lost 8 lbs. It's really easy and foolproof. You really don't even have to try.

So I've been trying to be good about having dinner ready. Dave was so impressed that I had dinner on the table 2 nights IN A ROW. This is unusual because #1, I hate to cook, and #2 he gets home really late.

So in an effort to try and not starve my kids while they are here (they don't need to lose the extra pounds), I found Veg Box. They deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to your door.

I ordered the small box and this is what showed up:

This is more stuff than I buy in a month (I know, I know). For someone who doesn't like tomatoes, I have a lot to use. But this is my hope: if someone brings me this stuff, I will try and use it, rather than let it waste. We all know I wouldn't buy this stuff in the store.

First I had to disinfect it all. I washed everything with vinegar. So my first effort was some chicken egg salad, and since they didn't bring me celery, I used the cucumber-looking things. What are those, anyway?

My housekeeper came the next day and said that you're not supposed to eat them raw. Oops. So far no ill effects. I make Maya pray every time we eat that the food won't make us sick. Unfortunately she usually forgets the negative verb, and she ends up blessing us to be sick. I think He knows what she means though. So for now we hope this will keep us alive.

I would like to say I shop here:

but I'll probably never get that brave. The picture is poor because I took it out the window as we drove by. They are quite beautiful displays of fresh produce.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ethen's top two teeth have finally come in. He's no longer the little vampire baby. He's now got 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. In celebration, I went back and decided to play a little catch-up on the scrapbooking.