Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Year's Diet

How's your New Year's Diet treating ya? If yours has already failed you, I thought I'd share my tip with you.

Move to Cairo.

So far on my Cairo diet I've lost 8 lbs. It's really easy and foolproof. You really don't even have to try.

So I've been trying to be good about having dinner ready. Dave was so impressed that I had dinner on the table 2 nights IN A ROW. This is unusual because #1, I hate to cook, and #2 he gets home really late.

So in an effort to try and not starve my kids while they are here (they don't need to lose the extra pounds), I found Veg Box. They deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to your door.

I ordered the small box and this is what showed up:

This is more stuff than I buy in a month (I know, I know). For someone who doesn't like tomatoes, I have a lot to use. But this is my hope: if someone brings me this stuff, I will try and use it, rather than let it waste. We all know I wouldn't buy this stuff in the store.

First I had to disinfect it all. I washed everything with vinegar. So my first effort was some chicken egg salad, and since they didn't bring me celery, I used the cucumber-looking things. What are those, anyway?

My housekeeper came the next day and said that you're not supposed to eat them raw. Oops. So far no ill effects. I make Maya pray every time we eat that the food won't make us sick. Unfortunately she usually forgets the negative verb, and she ends up blessing us to be sick. I think He knows what she means though. So for now we hope this will keep us alive.

I would like to say I shop here:

but I'll probably never get that brave. The picture is poor because I took it out the window as we drove by. They are quite beautiful displays of fresh produce.


Shelly said...

Those cucumber things are zucchini silly!

Shirlee said...

Nope, not zucchini. (The light green ones) Try again. My housekeeper called them "coke" "kohk" something like that.

Sharla said...

Hip Hip Hooray for Veg Box!! :)

Ronda said...

Love your vegetable story. I thought they were zucchini also. Maybe they're Okra! Just kidding!
I think the Veg Box is a great idea!

emilyaaa said...

shirlee, you can't imagine how much i'm LOVING reading about your experiences in egypt!! your life just seems so crazy and exotic and i love it all! and I especially love that it took a move across the atlantic to get you to eat your veggies!! :) whatever it takes, right?

keep the posts coming, lady!!

Becca said...

love the veg box. Way to go on the cooking. It's amazing what we can do that we don't love to do huh? I thought those were zucchini too - baby ones. They look just like them. Let us know when you find out what they are.