Friday, March 26, 2010

Glimpses of everyday life...

So, the veg box didn't last. To all who left a comment about the zucchini, you win a prize. Who knew they could be so small? (Sorry mom, it isn't your fault I'm so kitchen illiterate.) After throwing away about 12 tomatoes, and wondering what to do with the purple cabbage in my fridge, I decided I could make better purchases at the store.

But veg box did teach me that eating an apple a day is good, and that Ethen loves kiwi. I am no longer scared of the produce aisle and will venture in there more often. I did eat a few things I don't have a name for, including a mini cantaloupe that was green inside (NO, it wasn't honeydew). All this experimenting and I didn't get sick once. I guess washing them in vinegar is working.

If only dinner were this easy:

It's felt pretty good to get back to the weight on my drivers license, pre-Maya. It's like I have a whole new closet full of clothes. That is if I don't indulge in too much of this:

It was very satisfying to see Maya eat cookie dough for the first time. She'd been playing online video games and found Pablo's Secret Cookie Dough recipe.

Still looking for school options for her, the days get pretty boring being a little cramped in the house. I throw a pity party each day when I get discouraged that we can't even go to a park or the library. I hear there is a zoo here we will probably check out, and the weather is getting almost warm enough to be pool weather. Seriously, am I the only one who didn't know Egypt was so cold?

Anyway, we did welcome Spring with a little critter, and not the cockroach I found on the floor (I thought we left those behind in Texas.) Luckily it was a little one, and not nearly as cute as Maya's caterpillar.

Thank goodness there was a bump for each color of the rainbow.


Cath said...

It's gotta be tough being so housebound. You're doing such a great job of keeping Maya busy. Not to mention yourself sane (and healthy! way to go!) It can only be a matter of weeks before you can be outside more, right?

Such a cute caterpillar idea.

Amiee House said...

Like the craft idea:) Don't worry, it will be HOT soon enough. If you need to get away, come on over!

Candice and Steve said...

Hi Dave and Shirlee
Ronda gave me the link to your blog and I love reading about your adventures in Egypt. What an experience and hopefully great memories you are making. I'll be checking in to see what keeps happening with your family.

Love to you from your Aunt and Uncle in AZ