Monday, March 15, 2010

Giza Trip

Not too much to report. Maybe you heard about the diesel shortage here in Egypt. Trucks and busses were lined up on the streets (blocking traffic of course) waiting for fuel. I read one report where a guy got killed by a family member for arguing over who was going to get to fill up their tractor first.

We took the kids to the pyramids. We went inside Khafre (the middle one) and you have to bend over the whole time as you walk this narrow stairway and breathe hot, stuffy air. But it was a cool experience. I would have liked to spend more time, but the kids were tired and it was a warm day.

We were forced to drink sodas and pay for them and then we were strongly encouraged to buy some perfume from a shop that our driver took us to afterward. He must get a cut for bringing tourists, but I did get some nice smelling stuff that I actually use.


Cath said...

I think you better use the camel pic for your Christmas card next year! Amazing! I'm trying hard not to be jealous. And I love the boys' kefiyas. Love you guys!

Clayton & Company said...

all i can say is wow. and i thought we had taken our kids to some amazing places. too cool.