Friday, March 19, 2010

Can't We All Be Brothers?

Living abroad bites sometimes. As of March 13, Egypt's government has banned Skype. They have a national telecom service here, and I guess Skype is cramping their style.

Sorry dad, just when we got it working. I'm trying to figure out a way to get it going by an anonymous proxy or something. We'll see, just stay posted.

Oh, and Egypt has also been listed on the top 10 Worst countries in which to be a blogger. I guess I'll have to watch my mouth.

In the words of Jack Handey, "Can't we all be brothers?"

Dave got his Egyptian drivers license yesterday, so today was our first adventure (to church and back). He did a good job. You don't realize how much driving gives you a sense of freedom until you're restricted by having to call a driver to run you around.

On another note, Maya and I have been paper crafting. Here are two of our creations:


Sharla said...

Hooray for a drivers license!! Did you all hold your breath clear to Maadi? Crazy!! And was there a BIG sigh of relief when you got there? :)

The whole skype thing is wierd - good luck - and please don't get thrown in Egyptian prison for trying to be sneaky!!

Love you - oh, and Kimbel took her little Egyptian queen for show and tell today - even if I can't remember which one she is... I just know it's NOT Nefertiti or cleopatra!! :) ... could you stop by and ask that cute little man for me?

Catherine said...

I understand the skype ban is only for the USB connections--not the landline internet connections. So you don't have to risk Egyptian prison trying to get around the law :) Also, I have a flyer I'm carrying around in my purse with a phone # and info about our club and kids' lessons. Remind me to pull it out when I see you.

Gretchen said...

I see you're interested in getting an Anonymous Proxy ? There are many different types of anonymous proxies, and what they'll do is change your ip address to a location in the US. This will allow to use those websites that ban the true area you're in.

I've tried a few different anonymous proxies, and I've found that you're going to want to be sure you can trust the company behind the proxy because everything you do will be sent through them first.

For more information, I would recommend trying

merathon said...

i love your paper crafting!

i saw an episode of house hunters international a couple nights ago where a couple was house hunting in Egypt and i thought of you!