Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And To Think That I Saw It All on Ring Road

I've decided that I am starting a new blog column called
"And To Think that I Saw It All On Ring Road."
I imagine that this will be the first of more posts,
As I try give you a glimpse -- at the most.

Rest assured that I'm not telling outlandish tales
Or turning small minnows into much bigger whales.
I'm simply uploading a proof-showing photo,
The craziest things I see here on Ring Road (oh!) ;)

First things first -- there are lots of trucks.
They move awfully slowly, sometimes they get stuck.
But it's their cargo that's interesting -- so much more than a load
For a load is too small to describe the encumberance they hold.

Now sometimes when the truck is too full for it's size
You'll find another jaw-dropping surprise.
If you look carefully, yes there, way up high
Eminently perched on a throne is a man going by!

But where (you might think) are the women to ride?
While they clutch kids and babes close to their side?
No, no, not in front, it's too good a source.
Just toss them in back with her friends, of course!

But if you've no car, a bike will do fine
No problem to ride side-saddled behind.
Clutching two kids, but you know I have seen
Five in all, 2 adults with 3 kids inbetween!!

"My goodness!" You exclaim, "What else have you seen
Through the fog of pollution with eyesight so keen?"
True it is hard, these things to behold
Through the thick cloud of smoke of burning garbage on the road.

But, alas, very common are many a beast
I saw some sheep right there on the road eating a feast.
But the most common of all doesn't eat grass.
The thing you see most often is ass.

There is so much to tell, I can hardly begin
What I've seen without my camera in hand.
So I'll capture some more snapshots in a mode
Of the things that I see all day long on Ring Road.


emilyaaa said...

oh my word!! If i didn't know you personally, i'd think you were full of it! Those photos are UNBELIEVABLE!!! I'm not so sure i want you driving on that road EVER AGAIN!!! but if you do...please take some more photos--they're awesome!

Shelly said...

snicker# snort@ laugh*
Love it!!

MariLouise said...

brilliant. BRILLIANT!

Cath said...

Shirlee this is hilarious. And I'm loving your rhymed couplets. My bones start aching just looking at those over-loaded trucks. I'll be looking forward to more snapshots of Ring Road!

The McIntire Family said...

This is HILARIOUS!!! I see that our 9th grade poetry class from whats her name has really come in handy!!!! You're too funny-

Mary said...

I am beginning to think that Ring Road should become the new, world wide attraction. :)

The Christexans said...

Wow! Steer clear of those loads! Love your wit.