Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ramadan Iftar

We attended a Ramadan Iftar (break the fast) tonight at the Citadel. It was the annual Iftar for Transocean (think of it like an annual Christmas Party).

We arrived just before sundown. I was impressed with Dave for navigating us safely there. We let our driver go home and rest.

In the past, the dinner has been held in hotels, but this year, someone with clout booked the Mohamed Ali Mosque. We ate dinner literally at the foot of the mosque.

As we waited for the sunset, I admired the view. You could see the pyramids from our position. I saw an article the other day on a magazine with the byline, "When life gives you smog, enjoy the sunset." Indeed.

I was surprised that I liked everything I tried (except the spicy pickle.) My favorites were fattah (rice and bread) and roa'a (pastry type beef stuff.) The purple juice is hibiscus juice and the other is apricot.

The view from my chair of a minaret.

It was another awesome night to remember. Something I'd never imagined I'd do in a million years.


Shelly said...

Wow. Amazing.

The Christexans said...

Merry Christmas! What an amazing evening. What a memory.

Deb said...

Beautiful pics. Looks amazing!

Sarah holman said...

you will have so many great memories. I am glad you take so many pictures. It is fun to live vicariously through you.