Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ten things...

...I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving Day.

As an American living in Cairo, I noticed some things today that I'm grateful for that I used to complain about/take for granted in America.

1. Big yellow school buses - it's nice to know which bus is loaded full of kids, and kind of expect when they may dart out in front of you.

2. Carseats - as big a pain as they are, my heart hurts each time I see a kid on the lap of the driver (or the carseat in the front passenger seat) or riding on the gas tank of a motorcycle.

3. Road construction - SO grateful they recently paved part of the road to Maya's school. So grateful for warning signs that precede the construction instead of slamming on your brakes suddenly to avoid a backhoe.

4. Non-smoking public areas - the airplane to Luxor reeked of smoke, though I do think it was the pollution in the air that stunk.

5. Car registration/emissions and the DMV in general - I know, I know how could I be grateful for that? Some things you don't appreciate until you don't have.

6. No litter laws

7. Speed limits - slow and fast. I really appreciate that minimum speed on the freeways. Some trucks here go about 10mph, no kidding. Very dangerous.

8. Garbage disposals - both in my kitchen sink and those awful, smelly trucks that take it away. But if they had those here, there'd be nothing for the feral dogs to eat.

9. Dogs on leashes

10. Crosswalks

I was a bit bitter (okay A LOT) when Dave told me he had to go to Bangkok, Thailand, for a few days, including Thanksgiving. But it's an American holiday, what do these people care? It's bad enough to be away from family for the holiday, but to be alone is heartbreaking. SO THANKFUL today for the ward family. I ended up taking my two kids to the Deputy (Chief of Mission) Ambassador's house for Thanksgiving dinner, and had so many willing hands to help me chase Ethen.

All in all, we kept them out of the swimming pool, though Ethen did throw rocks in there and had quite a few swigs of water out of some mud puddles. Maya loved turkey and I was happy for pumpkin pie.

All in all, I'm grateful for the traditional (yet not so typical) Thanksgiving Day. Oh, and these two wild Indians.


jessi said...

Not too shabby - an American embassy for Thanksgiving. I am happy for you, being that you are in Cairo and with Dave gone and all. We usually go down to the American base in Italy for the festivities, but we didn't this year and I am feeling incredibly unfestive and it is kind of sad. Glad my kids are too young to remember how lame it was this year :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Shelly said...

I'm so glad that you loaded up the kids and went and had a celebration. We really missed you here. We decided to skype you, then realized that it was WAY too late to be calling you. Hang in there sis. See you soon!

Love ya!!

Sharla said...

Glad you partied with royalty... well, almost. And, I REALLY hope you found some pumpkin for those dang cookies! :) Glad Dave is back safe... now we are counting the days til we see you back on this side of the world. Take care, Shir. Love you!