Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A few pages...

I'm finding it super convenient that we have moved at the end of each year. It makes wrapping up my year in pictures and putting them in a book pretty easy.

Here's a look at November.

Our entertainment for the masquerade party was an Egyptian singer. If you've always wanted to hear an Arab singing Michael Jackson, then this is for your viewing pleasure:

Right now I'm taking a brand new class at JessicaSprague.com called Digi in Deep V. 2. It is a class for advanced digital scrapbooking class. This is the first page that I've made from the class, and I will be posting a few more as I learn new skills.


Sharla said...

could you please quit 'learning new skills"? i am so far behind that i just need basic skills! come teach me!! :)

Rachel said...

Shirlee, I love the masquerade mask! It matched your dress AND your hair flowers perfectly!

Can't wait to see you and the fam soon.