Monday, November 1, 2010

Belle B-day and Pre-K

I get behind a little when I make pages that I need photos printed for. It's a pain to have the photos mailed here to Egypt (and it's expensive.) Some times I really miss Ritz Camera.

Nonetheless, better late than never. Here are a couple pages. One from Maya's first day of preschool at Maadi British International School and one from her Belle Birthday party this summer. Journaling reads: "We had your birthday party a month early while we were in Utah so all your cousins could attend (and so I could get the supplies I wanted :) You were thrilled and wanted a Belle Princess Party. That's easy to do with 5 girl cousins your age. Tyler opted to be a knight for all the princesses. We made crafts, had cake, and hit a pinata, but mostly had fun just playing together."

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Nicc said...

Cute pages! You crack me up when you say you get "a little behind"! I guess I'm A LOT behind! Like 2 1/2 years or so :)