Monday, November 1, 2010

I should have bought the Grumpy costume...

Halloween was less than traditional this year. They don't celebrate it in Egypt (It's technically a Christian holiday. I tried my best to make it fun for the kids. Maya has been talking about it all month, knowing since August that she was going to be Snow White.

Our first event was a party at a house of Dave's co-worker. These types of parties are rarely fun, since I know no one. I basically chased Ethen around all night, because he really wanted to play with the candles. We had fun dressing up though.

I was happy that the British School did do some activities. She made some very cute Halloween artwork. The teacher told me she thought Americans knew how to get a pumpkin. I wish I did, I've been wanting to carve one and make some cookies. Maybe next year.

In keeping with the Snow White theme, I bought Ethen a Happy Dwarf costume off ebay and had Keddingtons ship it to us. I should've opted for the Grumpy one. The pictures show just how thrilled he was about wearing it.

There was a carnival at Maya's school, so we got dressed up again.

The next day we flew to the Red Sea with Dave. He was trying to sell an oil rig that was offshore there, so we tagged along to enjoy the beach. This was the view of our actual Halloween day.

That night we came home to a few trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, but none knocked on our door since our outside light is melted. I guess I'll let Dave eat the 10lbs of Halloween candy Neil brought over (or what's left of it). If Ethen only knew that 200 dum-dums awaited him!

Hope you had a good one!

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Cath said...

I need a Halloween day like yours!! The Happy (I mean Grumpy) costume had me laughing. Why do we torture them so? Very cute.

Yes - Neil is the man for lugging all that candy across the world! Love you guys!