Thursday, January 15, 2009

What would you pay for good chocolate?

So Swiss chocolate is world-renowned. There are chocolate shops all over town. I'm sure there is good stuff to be found there, and no doubt I will be exploring them soon.

But, I was so happy when I found this Hershey syrup in the store.

How much will I pay for Hershey syrup from Pennsylvania? Why $8.40 of course! Did you doubt?

PS: Cheddar cheese is also found! If I have to go to France to get it, then I have to go to France!


Steve and Ismari said...

I can't believe how expensive imported fake cheap American chocolate syrup is in Switzerland. ha ha

Definitely tell us how cheese shopping in France goes!

Love - Izzy

MariLouise said...

In the mean lieu of cheddar you might try "gruyere" for approximately the same result. (It's sort of like monteray jack and will be very easy to find. They even sell it shredded I think, like we sell bags of shredded cheddar.)

This is so fun! I'm so happy you are in Switzerland so I can offer unsolicited advice any time I want! :P