Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going digital.

So, I'm starting a new project in scrapbooking. Inspired by the Becky Higgins KOTM for January, I'm going to try and take a picture a day and keep track of everyday life. This I'm doing for several reasons. First, I think this year is going to be an interesting one I will want documented. Second, I have no scrapbooking stuff to make pages with -- just my beloved Photoshop. Third, I think it will be a faster way to keep up with all the photos I'll be taking this year. Fourth, the kit sold out before I could purchase it. At the end of the year, I'll send all my pages to Shutterfly and have them put together in a nice album.

So, here is my attempt at week 1 of 2009. I realistically don't think I'll take a photo each day, but hopefully I'll take enough to document what life is like here for us in Switzerland.

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MariLouise said...

Okay, yes, that sounds traumatic. BUT, look how cute your Swiss villa is!!

Nicc said...

Very cute idea and cute pics! Next week might be a little better, Shar is gearing up to bring all the Mac & Cheese she can fit in her suitcase!

Steve and Ismari said...

O.k. I am going to challenge you to Shirley's Swiss Adventure Week.

Day 1 of Shirley's Swiss Adventure:

1. Find some good chocolate, or a chocolate shop or candy store...take a picture of your self and Maya eating some chocolate. Ask a new Swiss friend at the shop to eat a piece of chocolate with you and take a picture. Then post the pictures. 2. Take some pictures of you showing your new Swiss emotions...what does Swiss frustration look like, what does Swiss cold look like, what does Swiss exhaustion look like. Take some pictures of your expressions and post them.

Day 2 of Shirley's Swiss Adventure Week:

1. Find a good library or book store. Take a picture of Maya standing next to the craziest dressed Swiss person/kid you can find at the library/book store. Tell them it's for friends back home...don't tell them the real reason THEY are in the picture. 2. Take a picture of you and Maya sitting in those little chairs in the front of your Swiss villa. Post the pics, it doesn't even have to be in a digital scrap book...just post them!

Day 3 of Shirley's Swiss Adventure Week:

1. Make a snowman outside of your Swiss villa. Make the eyes, nose, mouth out of what ever you have available even if it's not from edible things. Top the snowman off with the 1 pot you have as his hat. Take a picture with Maya and the snowman. Post the picture. Take some pictures of some of your favorite Swiss houses in the neighborhood. Post the pictures.

Day 4 and 5 instructions will come after you post the pics from Shirley's Swiss Adventure Days 1, 2, and 3.

Love ya - Izzy

emilyaaa said...


It sounds like you feel the way I felt when Reid and I went to Chile for a summer internship. I don't know if it's better or worse that you have Maya around to keep you company/drive you crazy. I found myself looking forward to Sundays more than ever before, since it was the one day I actually had something to do. But after about 3 weeks I felt a little more adjusted--I found some ex-pats and started going to their activities and that was fun. I also cross-stitched three Christmas stockings . . . Good luck. It was so fun seeing you over the break. Thanks again for hosting it. Keep the posts coming. I love hearing about your adventure there.