Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week 2

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Steve and Ismari said...

I was wondering why you guys looked so ticked. You weren't ALLOWED to smile....that makes more sense. ha ha

I am glad you are started to get some helpful things. Especially being a cute little pregnant lady with a baby.

I am soooo glad you saw some sun. Isn't your sister coming to visit. Ask her to bring you some Vitamin D. That's is one of the things we get from the sun that helps us to feel GREAT! And the warmth of the sun to....I love the sun.

I am glad you got some cool Ikea stuff. By the way, I still have to tell my big kids to "go do something creative" so I can get some "Me" time. I know how it can be!

I'll be rootin' for you!

- Izzy