Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quote of the Day

I had fun getting out the tape and scissors for these pages. It helps when you have gorgeous photos to work with. Thanks, Linsey!

Here are a few captured conversations from the kiddos:

While riding in the car, Dave was keeping the kids in suspense by not telling them what he was going to buy at Home Depot.

Ethen:  Is it green?

Maya: Does it have a head?
Maya: Is it a maggot?


Me: You mean a magnet?

Maya: No, a maggot.

{Still sure I heard incorrectly.}

Me:  Eww.  Do you know what that is?

Maya: Yes.  It's a tiny white worm that doesn't have any eyes.

{stunned silence and then the punchline that had me laughing}

Maya: I bet you know that I didn't even learn that in school.


Ethen is my little shopper.  He loves Target, Home Depot, and likes to run errands with us.

Ethen:  I know a store that we haven't been to before.

{Really?  I was under the impression we'd been to them all.  Am I missing one?}

Ethen:  Taco Ranch Lego Man Stop Drop Roll

Me:  You're right.  We have never been to that store.

Ethen:  It has lots of toys.



Deb said...

Both of those little conversations had me laughing hard!! Love those cute kids!!

Cath said...

Hilarious. And your recent photo pages are so darling. Props to your camera skils. xo