Friday, November 2, 2012

Family Pictures

Not too many bad weather days during Fall in Texas.  We've experienced some crisp mornings even in the 50s.  We've lit the fireplace and cuddled by it, and knew we'd only need to wait a few more days for 80 degrees to be the norm.  We've caught a fleeting fall, and Ethen thinks that winter is over now.

One way to guarantee a little bit of bad weather?  Schedule a family photo shoot.  Truly my friend, Linsey, made miracles out of chaos.  The day was dark, windy, and oh so chilly.  And I didn't factor that into our clothing choices so we quickly added sweaters and leggings.

We constantly picked our hair out of our faces, chased Ethen around, scolded Maya, and the repeated.  I think the chill in the air made the kids even more fidgety, in an effort to keep warm.

But, a true professional, Linsey captured some good ones.  More glimpses to come...


Becca said...

Isn't that the truth. Photo days and bad weather. Always. But you look so great I would have never known. Sure miss you guys.

Deb said...

So cute! You could never tell! Love the photos!