Friday, March 9, 2012

Maya's Quote of the Day

Maya has been home with me for 2 days because of parent/teacher conferences. We've spent time --just the two of us-- while Ethen has been in school. It's been nice. I love her sweet disposition (most of the time). She is always thinking ahead, problem solving, making sure everyone is on the right page. Two fun quotes from her during these days:

Tonight during her dinner prayer:
"Bless that Ethen can have a Happy Birthday tomorrow with all his friends. Bless that he won't whine anymore when he's 3." I think I shouted "Amen!"

Unfortunately, Maya is also as stubborn as me. I've been making decorations for Ethen's party, and she's been helping where I'll allow it. We butted heads over what colors to make the train, and she got pretty upset with me. Awhile later she was crying. I figured it was still residual from this argument.

I really had to prod it out of her. I sat down beside her and coaxed the reason for her tears out of her. She surprised me when she said, "I am just so happy that I have such a helpful little brother." I was totally shocked. He had helped her pick up some of her toys after I gruffly told them both to clean up. I was moved that Ethen's kindness brought her to tears. It a stark contrast to how I had treated them both earlier.

I then spoke to her about how these were the best kind of tears, tears of happiness and love. I apologized and went away grateful that she is learning this type of love and made a note that she should be learning it from my example too.

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Becca said...

Just caught up on your blog. I love this post about Maya. What a sweetheart! And, what a helpful little Ethen!
Also, loved your party for Ethen. Darling. I might have to steal your idea and make a cool train out of a box for Gus.
I've struggled to know what to do for him for this birthday. I think we're going to do a football cake...but that's about all I can manage right now. Sure love seeing your creativity though. You are amazing!