Wednesday, March 21, 2012

January Stuff

I received my 2011 Malaysia book last week from All in all it is very similar to shutterfly. The key difference is that they let me print more than 100 pages (mine was 123). The page thickness might be slightly less than shutterfly, and there is a slight grain on the paper, so it's not a totally smooth finish. The colors seem to be okay, however I would have liked the cover to be more brilliant (that might be my fault). The spine is put together like shutterfly, but we'll see if it is more resilient. Only time will tell. Overall I am happy with it.

So I decided not to change up much for my monthly pages in my 2012 annual family scrapbook. This system is working for me and it is totally flexible.

January 1-15

January 16-31

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Robert said...

AWESOME! Sad we didn't celebrate here in remembrance, like we did last year. - Bec