Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Deepavali 2011

Okay, so I'm finally getting this layout finished because I just got some photos back of our family that Dave's boss took.  You know that game "One of These Things is not Like the Other?"  Somehow Batman made it's way into our Diwali party.  He refused to wear his Indian kurta and threw a massive fit.  At the party several Indians tried to put it on him and it resulted in several meltdowns.

Here is a video of Maya dancing:

Oh, and I had to take a picture of this one guy's shoes.  They were too awesome.


While I was browsing through my pictures I found these videos.  They were meant for your birthday, dad.  Sorry that I never sent them.  But they are worth a look even though your birthday has passed.  Watch Maya first, then Ethen.

He's saying "As I said, Thomas is a very busy engine."

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Valina said...

Maya is a good little dancer! So cute!