Thursday, February 23, 2012

December 16-31

Update:  I forgot to add this video from TSO!  I'm totally going to encourage Maya to learn to play her violin like this.  We'll just have to limit the bow breaking!

Here is the last page of my 2011 book.  Now to get it printed.  I am not using Shutterfly this time...for 2 reasons.  One is that the quality isn't good.  The bindings aren't strong enough to handle how many times my books get looked at and the pages are falling out of my last 2 books.

Secondly, I have 124 pages in this book.  Shutterfly has a limit of 100.  So I am trying a new company called  We'll see how it turns out and I'll let you know in case you experiencing the same frustrations I am.

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Becca said...

Let me know what you think of viovio. Oh, and loved the violin demo... Yes, please Maya do not break your bow at the end of your pieces. :) Have a great daycep!