Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's 2 with you?

We officially have a 2-year-old (though she's been acting like one for some time now). We had a few friends over for cupcakes and ice cream. Maya decided that she really didn't want either, just fruit snacks, please.

Despite getting her shots today and her mom dragging her all over town on errands, she had a pretty good day. We've got quite the little left-brained child developing. She counts practically everything, first in Spanish, then English. She lines up her crayons instead of coloring with them. She is quite the Backyardigans fan, and sings every song they've ever created. Despite her quirks, we love her to pieces. Happy Birthday, Sugar Bear.


Deb said...

Sweet little Maya! We're glad you both had a good b-day. We've been thinking of you guys! Love to you all!

Valina said...

Do you share the same B-day? She is so stinkin cute Shirlee! Happy birthday!
Glad you finally have electricity!

Sarah holman said...

Can I just say that she has the most awesome hair for a two year old. I am a littl envious!