Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, the latest storm track has Hurricane Ike coming our way. We are going to hunker down here. We are not part of the evacuation going on here (thank goodness). That is for coastal areas and low-lying areas. We are fortunate not to live in a flood plain.

I went to the grocery store (mistake) and had to park at the bank across the street. Of course no water or ice or batteries. The checkout lines were half the length of the store. I was glad I had those kind of things already. So I got my Miracle Whip and left. Gas stations are even worse. People are blocking traffic waiting in line for the pump. Once again, glad I filled up last night.

You'd never know a storm was coming. It's been a sunshiney (I know that's not really a word) day. Not a breeze and 98 degrees.

Mostly we are expecting to lose power (ahh, the AC!!). With Dave being Elders Quorum President, and me being Relief Society President puts a little more responsibility on us for the people in our ward, many of whom do live in the flood plains. We are already receiving instructions from the Stake President on relief efforts.

So, now we wait.


Shelly said...

Crazy mayhem! Stay safe and happy. Thank goodness for the miracle whip! Keep us posted.

Deb said... guys will be busy after the storm with all your responsibilities! We will keep a watch on Ike and see what happens. Be safe!

emilyaaa said...

wow! these next 48 hours are really just the beginning of the madness for you two, huh?!?!? you'll be in our thoughts and prayers--along with the rest of the country's. And thanks for introducing me to the "hunker down" term--i'd never heard that one before!

Good luck, shirlee!

merathon said...

dave is EQ pres and you are RS pres? i thought that was pretty much an unwritten rule to NOT do that to a family! you sure have your hands full!

be safe and we'll be thinking of you and the warners out there!

The Busby Family said...

Good luck with everything, stay safe!

Me said...

Shir, we are thinking of you and watching the news - with intensity! Be safe and I'll see you soon!

The Wilson Family said...

hey shirley. it's your cousin kate wilson. i'm the one married to a Texan. I have been wondering about you. Hope you are still safe. You are welcome to visit our blog. I'd love to hear from

Ingrid said...

I sure hope you are all ok! Thinking of you and this CRAZY hurricane season!!! The storm surge was so high that it closed down one of the bridges over here where we live due to flooding and we're over in Florida!!!!