Friday, August 5, 2016

Disney World 6x8 Mini Travel Album - part iii | Epcot

<!--[if IE]> <![endif] Scraps of Shirlee: Disney World 6x8 Mini Travel Album - part iii | Epcot

part i - Disney Springs and the B Hotel
part ii - Hollywood Studios
part iii - Epcot
part iv - Magic Kingdom
part v - Animal Kingdom

Here is a look at the Epcot portion of my scrapbook.  I really hope that I can fit all I need to in this album (I still have MK and AK to put in it!)

I cut the dream on glitter paper with my silhouette.  It is from the Project Mouse Hand Drawn Words.  I made the Top Ten insert myself.

The back of the insert has some word stickers from PM SouvenEARS Collection and the cards on the right are from PixieSprite.

This die cut was from a PM freebie from Sahlin Studio blog that I cut with my silhouette on silver glitter paper.  I kept it transparent so that it would show through on both sides.

The cards on the left are from PixieSprite and I made the Mission Space one from internet clipart.  I used Paislee Press' 4x6 template and added some PM Tomorrow word bits to it.

The left 3x4 template is from Paislee Press and the Test Track card is PixieSprite.  I added PM Cars wordart to my photo before I printed it.

I tried to keep all of my World Showcase Countries consistent.  Each page has a flag tag I made and I folded them over on the Paislee Press 3x4 templates with a greeting in the language of the country.  I then used Paislee Press' 4x6 templates to make a collage of pictures.  All journaling cards with the Country name and art are from PixieSprite. Each country is the same so I won't repeat the links.

The lunch insert has a tag I made myself.  The template is from Paislee Press.

The Phineas and Ferb Agent P Adventure image I pulled off the internet.

I got the Duffy tag from my Disney World Scrapbook kit I picked up at Amazon.

The Duffy card is from PixieSprite and I added the PM At Night word art directly to my photo before printing.

There you have it!

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