Monday, January 25, 2016

Cancun 2014 6x8 Mini Album | part ii | Xcaret

These next few pages are all about the activities we did at Xcaret Park.  For those traveling to Cancun, I highly recommend this place.  It was so full of things to do, and I thought the presentation was excellent.  It is full of all different kinds of animals, so it's like a zoo in that respect.  It also has the ancient Mayan ruins of Polè.

It also has a ton of water activities.  You can snorkel, swim with dolphins, swim in underground tunnels, and snuba dive.  An optional activity that we signed the kids up for was "Adventure Kids," which had them in a pool with sharks and stingrays.  The trainers taught the kids all about the animals, and they got to touch and feel them and then swim around in the water with them.  They snorkeled like champs.  I was so proud of them.

Next we went  swimming in the River Maya.  They have 3 different rivers to choose from, but we opted for this one that had the most sunlight  and was only about half underground.  We loved it!

I had a couple of more photos that I wanted to add to this spread, so I added a tab and glued another Project Life Fuse Sleeve to it.  I tried Fuzing it together, but it never quite gives it a solid enough hold, so I ended up using transparent tape to glue it on.

Here's a look at the page with it open.  Those are mangroves that we are swimming through and a picture of the Maya River from a bridge above.

On our way back to the dressing room after swimming, we caught a show of the Voladores de Papantla.  They climb this pole, play their flute song to the wind and sun, and then "fly" like birds as they fall off backward and dangle from ropes around their ankles.  

Then we at dinner and headed over to the night show that showcases Mexican culture through dance and games.  They played the ancient Mesoamerica ball game, some other game with a live fireball they rolled around with sticks, and then each period of Mexican history was displayed through costume and song.  It really was quite fascinating and a bit sad when the Spanish came and took over.  At the end of the performance they played Mexico's national song and everyone shouted "Viva Mexico!"
The gold stickers are from Pink Paislee's Solstice collection and the Cancun PL card is from Scrapbook Customs Tropical Excursions collection.
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Part iii of my Cancun travel album including Xel-ha and Riviera Maya.

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