Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No-Sew Elsa Cape

So the Frozen movie has been a huge hit, yes?  Around Thanksgiving and Christmas there were lots of products available, and I bought Maya a nightgown.  As you may have noticed, Disney has sold out of EVERYTHING related to Frozen.  Not a Elsa or Anna dress to be found.  I kept thinking, "This is Disney.  They'll have a whole new line of products in January."  Nope.  Nothing.  Their website said that new products were coming in April, when the dvd came out.  Now it's nearly June.  Still nothing.

So I did what a lot of mom's out there have done.  We've gotten creative and improvised.  Pinterest is filled with Frozen-esque projects.  You've lost out of perhaps a million or ten dollars, Disney, just sayin.'

I followed the No-Sew Elsa Cape tutorial on this blog, because no-sew is what's kinda up my alley.

General Conference weekend I did the bulk of the project.

I purchased the blue shimmery material at Joann's and melted the edges so they wouldn't fray.  Then I bought some fabric glitter to outline my design.  It hardly showed up at all, and while it dried it glued to the paper underneath, so I had bits of paper stuck to my material.   Argh.

A month went by and I finally pulled it out again to fix it.

This time I got some acrylic glitter paint and filled in the design, this time backing it with wax paper and it worked much better.  I put a sticky velcro tab on the front, and voila!  Magical!

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Karisa Nashana Sikora said...

This is so cute. You should post the blog you got the idea from. I agree that Disney is loosing out by having NOTHING. During Christmas there were tons of the 12" dolls at Disney. I decided I would pick them up after Christmas from Zoe's birthday, which she wanted to be Frozen themed. I went back to get them and were there were literally WALLS of the dolls during Christmas there was NOT A ONE. I talked to the workers at the Disney store by us and they say that a lot of the stuff is bought up by people who go home and sell them on ebay for a ba-gillion dollars. It's crazy that that is even allowed. The workers even said there are some that will bring items back that do not sell right before the return date expires.

Anyways, the cape looks beautiful. I made Zoe a dress and have not finished the cape yet. I like the burned edges idea. I've done that with other fabric.