Tuesday, May 20, 2014

HBS Wives Trip to San Francisco

So a group of my old girlfriends from Cambridge all met up for a little reunion Cali-style.  While our husbands were in business school together, we hung out each week doing everything from baby-swapping to camping in a rain puddle in Vermont.  We kept each other sane while our husbands spent insane hours studying. 

I will forever hold these friendships dear, and love that we can get together once in awhile.

So, seven years later...we met up in San Francisco and spent a weekend enjoying ourselves.  So thankful that I have a husband who will let me gallivant once in a while.

I used almost exclusively Heidi Swapp items to put together this little memory file.  Enjoy!  Girls, I blurred your names to respect your privacy.


Hilary said...

What an awesome book!

merathon said...

i have no idea how you keep up with your scrapbooking! that looks like it took FOREVER to make--- so cute! that was an epic trip...but why didn't you document the massage?? :)