Saturday, March 9, 2013

Da-da Duuuh DA, da-da-da DA duh, da-da-da DA duh, da da da-duh

Today we had Ethen's 4th birthday party.  I made this invitation with an image I found online.  I love that there are so many fun ideas on the internet.  I had way too much fun planning this Lego Star Wars Party.

I gave each child a mask and lightsaber that I made out of pool noodles cut in half and wrapped with duct tape.  Our friend, Merv, was quite the Jedi today.

This birthday boy had a permanent smile all day long.

The food was easy to prepare and fun to create.

I found these fun cake pops online at the Pop Cakery on Etsy.  She did a fabulous job!  Highly recommended.

Fondant cakes out there were super pricey, so I opted to print an image on a cake.  LOVE the way it turned out for a fraction of the cost.  I just stuck Legos on top and used glowsticks as lightsaber candles.

Lastly we hit a pinata.  That swing did it in.  We had to put it back together so the rest of the kids could have a turn.

One happy birthday boy!

And birthday boy's sister!

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