Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

So... I am so glad to be home.  So glad to have a fresh new year.  So grateful for the wonderful Christmas vacation we just had.  Many of you received our Christmas card this year and are way confused about our state of affairs.

In November Dave was offered a position at a new company (an offshoot of Transocean) in Dubai.  We accepted the position and began making preparations once again to move -- this time only being out of the box for 5 months.  A couple weeks later, Dave rescinded his acceptance and we decided to stay in Houston.  No concrete reason -- just one of those it doesn't feel right at this time.

We changed our minds a thousand times and weighed all the options.  Both were good.  Both were doable.  But alas, we decided to stay in Houston.  A huge weight was lifted and I was able to enjoy the holidays without an imminent move thereafter.

I've been feeling fine about our decision, and then a friend sent me this ...  wowza.  Maybe I'll change my mind again...this looks incredible.

Burj al Kalifa tower in Dubai on New Years Day.  The tallest building in the world.


merathon said...

wow-- that's pretty ridiculous! i wonder how many different spots they are setting off the fireworks from!

since you're back in the U.S. now, hopefully that means you'll be able to come to our next HBS get-together...i was just telling patrick tonight that we need to plan one for this year!

Michelle said...

Hi Shirlee! Seems like we're close by again. Have Dave email John sometime... Jharrod at Newfield dot com