Monday, May 3, 2010

Heading back...

So after 18 days of being in the good ole USA, we are heading out tomorrow. I think I've made my last Target run, and am trying now to stuff it all in my bags.

We had a wonderful trip this time, grateful we could see so much of our family. Living abroad is exciting and fun, but in the end, it's the family times we miss and cherish.

Soon my posts will be back to crazy life in Egypt, so here are some parting shots of the vacation:

Braithwaite Clan:


While in Houston, Dave and I met up with a girl he baptized while on his mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was 13 then. She has recently moved to Houston to learn English and served a mission herself in Brazil.
Poor Ethen was sick for more than a week of the vacation. We hopefully have it all under control now as we prepare for another 21-hour flight.


Cath said...

Sure gonna miss you guys! It was good while it lasted...

Dean Family said...

Your family looks great! I am sure you miss them like crazy...but what an adventure you are having! Sometimes I feel I am in Mexico instead of New Mexico!