Monday, April 5, 2010


On Saturday we visited the Citadel and the Muhammad Ali Mosque with Ibrahim and his family. It dominates the skyline in Cairo because it is built on a hill. One of my nicknames in high school was Mohamed Aly, but I'm pretty sure they were referring to this guy. So many ways to spell that name!

Ethen and Maya were the hit of the party again. They both received numerous kisses and head pats. Kids are eager to speak English to us. How do they know? Do we look out of place? :)


The McIntire Family said...

I LOVE your nickname and if only everyone knew why ;-)

Cath said...

Those pictures of everyone oohhhing and ahhhing over your kids are awesome! Ahla wa sahalan. Yeah - you look out of place. Just a bit.

That mosque is amazing. I have pictures from the top right about where you are sitting. So glad you are out seeing things. Loved the Easter pics too!

ps - Are you going to tell us about your nickname? Did you knock someone out??

Heather said...

Wow! I assume the nickname has something to do with a certain Mackay basketball game?