Thursday, April 29, 2010

8 years

Dave and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary in Houston. I left the kids with family and flew down to meet him (he was already there for work.) It's been a little crazy with Transocean lately. Yes, he works for the company that had the rig go up in flames.

But, he was able to tear away for a weekend, and so was I. We had a nice time minus some girl issues (which proves to me how much my husband loves me and is willing to do) and since Transocean is otherwise disposed, there were extra Diamond Club seats to the Astros game on Saturday. We miss Houston (except the freezing A/C blasts).

We were saddened to miss everyone at church, due to a technical error. The website had the wrong start time, so we showed up 4 hours late. Dang it.

Below is a video of the 7th Inning Stretch - Texas Style.


Cath said...

So glad you had a great time in Houston! And Happy Anniversary! Loved the video clip. Funny - just tonight I was singing "The Stars at Night are big and Bright.... Deep in the Heart of Texas" to Eliza. But I didn't know the rest of the words! Serendipity.

Sharla said...

You go, Dave -- and Shir, why weren't you singing? I listened and listened, but couldn't hear you!!

Glad you guys had a good time (minus the issues) and Happy 8th!! :)