Saturday, April 4, 2009


I hate being the foreigner. It makes my life difficult. I can't just run my daily errands like I want to. Today I had to have a friend meet me at the post office so I could buy stamps. Really! I also had to mail a few packages (yes, the last of the created-by-me blog winner prizes are off! Don't expect them any time soon though, the cheapest way to mail it was, let's say NOT cheap. I truly hope they arrive unbroken.)

Anyway, La Poste here is quite the adventure. Did you know I can pay my tithing at the post office!? Weird. Oh, and I could buy a cell phone or a dvd there if I wanted to. All bills are paid at the post office - my hospital bill (WOWEE), the bill for having a tv or radio (YES, TRUE), and even the bill for insuring my neighbor against myself (WHAT?)

Next errand? I'm going to try and tackle the pharmacy.


Dean Family said...

It's been a while since I have been on your blog (or anyone's for that matter) and I have to say how much I admire you! You are living in unfamilar territory with a new baby and no family! Our birthing stories are a little similar (Berlyn came in two hours and I had an on-call doctor, and Dan went to get the camera and when he came back, I was pushing, and I also did it without drugs)!p.s. I love your scrapbook pages...are they digital? Love ya!

Sarah said...

Your pages are so cute, I need some tips! Do you have photoshop? Your little Ethen is beautiful! And of course big sister too. I can't believe how big she has gotten! Hope you are REALLY doing well over there. It is a beautiful place to be... But so far away from family, I'm sure is hard! Maybe someday we will come visit! Take care of yourself! Loves. Sarah

Catherine said...

Shir - you're awesome for venturing out and figuring out life as "the foreigner". Loved the bean pictures. We've had similar debacles with bubbles and beads. As for La Poste here in the US - your package is on its way. I got a little crazy adding a few things and I can say - it was not so cheap from our end either! I have no idea if I insured it or what.... All I know is I filled out a form, it went airmail and there was no debating the price. Will you tell me if/when it arrives?? We had fun putting it together. Crib mattresses are coming!