Thursday, April 16, 2009


Good Friday is a holiday here in Switzerland. We headed to Bern, Switzerland to check it out. There is a very old church there, and while Dave climbed the bell tower I stayed outside with the kids. At one point I looked up to see what he was climbing, and to my dismay this is what I saw. Aah!

Creepy, huh? It's a wonder anyone feels the spirit in these churches, with the weird art they are adorned with. Dave made a good point when he said, "Do you really think this is the type of church Christ would build if he were here?"

Here is some more pleasant architecture around Old Town Bern:


Valina said...

I love reading about your adventures! I recieved your gift today, thanks I love it!

Steve and Ismari said...

Guess what I got in the mail today! THANK YOU SHIRLEY!!!! You are awesome!!!!

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