Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 2016 Hybrid Layouts

Using Project Life pocket pages are probably the easiest way to get photos into my albums.  I like to use them on school pages because I don't care so much about the layout, just that the story gets in the album.

I finally found some reinforced 3-hole adhesive tabs to put memorabilia into my albums.  I love these!  They have made it so much easier to access things like this fun passport that they collected stamps in at this event.

I usually do slight variations between Maya and Ethen's pages, to tell their individual stories at the same event.

I really need to invest in a lightbox so I can take better photos of my layouts when it's cloudy outside.  It's hard to get a crisp picture of the layouts when they are in their page protectors, but you get the idea.

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