Friday, March 10, 2017

My Sweet Boy is 8!

Ethen turned eight today.  How does this happen?  For real?

I took him to the Houston Temple for the first time.  He was really struck by it's beauty.  He wanted to go inside, so we managed to go to the bathroom.  He mentioned how he understood why people wanted to go here because it was so peaceful.

He's not an easy subject to photograph.  He is chatty, wiggly, goofy, and never looks at the camera.  But I did manage to snap a few that I loved.

His new thing is languages.  He wants to learn Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian all at the same time.  We opted on practicing Spanish first.  He LOVES his El Libro De Mormon and reads aloud from it with his dad.

Join us for his baptism on March 25 if you can.

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