Thursday, December 22, 2016

Daily December Week 2

DAYS 9 & 10


I went to  Starbucks to see what kind of bag they had this year, and they didn't!  So I was super happy when I found this one from last year in my stash.  I put the program from the choir performance that Maya and I sang in.  The wood veneer is from my stash as well.  I think I picked them up at Michaels last year or the year before.

DAY 12

DAY 13
I made the "cup of cheer" stamp on my new Microsoft Surface Book.  I finally got a new computer and am loving the versatility of it, with it's ability to act like a laptop, a tablet with a pen, and I also hook it up to my new huge curved monitor and use it like a desktop.  Best of all worlds!

DAY 14

DAY 15

DAY 16

I wanted to incorporate the super cool R2-D2 snowflake that Ethen got at school.  I think it fits perfectly here, on the opening day of Star Wars: Rogue One.  I just taped it in a page protector and sliced a hole where it didn't quite fit.  I may go back and stitch over it to keep it secure, but so far I haven't done that.

I picked up some super cute Star Wars gift tags at Five Below and included one here.

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