Sunday, October 16, 2016

may the forties be with you ★ an adult star wars party

Forty.  Cry or celebrate?  Dave asked me what I wanted to do for my fortieth birthday, and we narrowed it down to having a dinner party at a restaurant, or a party at our house.  When I saw the phrase "May the Forties Be with You," I knew this would be the perfect and only year we could pull off the ultimate adult Star Wars Party.  Dave's birthday was the day after the party, so for only a few short weeks we share the age of 40 together.



I got my inspiration from the Rebel Hangar they had at Hollywood Studios. I hung this sign on the front door.

I made an old x-wing starfighter wing out of a cardboard box, a concrete form, and a pvc pipe.

I collected bits of old junk and spray painted them with symbols.

There are a ton of travel posters on Pinterest so I made a fun collage.

Lots of fun details:

This wampa (from ThinkGeek) just had to have a home here above the fireplace as the focal point.  It was a hit.

It's face is classic.  I made a little brass plaque to put under it that says "Donated by Luke Skywalker."

On the mantel I put various books that are super fun to read.  They are "official" books that have fallen into the hands of the Rebels.  My kids loved Sabine and Ezra's journals (so did I.)  I spent the last couple of weeks watching the first two seasons of Star Wars Rebels and they are fantastic!  Not just for kids.  A must for any Star Wars fan.

Only true Star Wars fans got all the details of my party.  I quickly learned that I probably know more of the details of the Star Wars Universe than the average person.  But I learned a lot more while preparing for this party, so that was fun too.

Wicket was standing by ready to feed the guests some of his Ewok cookies.

 I covered most of the house with subtle details and treasures.

Some of Sabine Wren's art was on display. (Actual art is by Alessandro Pautasso). 

I also hung some Imperial propaganda posters that Sabine tagged with her graffiti.

This was on the kitchen door.

We have the perfect Millenium Falcon shaped window. 

The kitchen was decorated like a cantina.

Come back tomorrow and I'll post pictures of our costumes and the food.


Deb said...

I am loving this already!! Can't wait for more tomorrow! You're amazing Shir!

Hilary said...

Pretty amazing! Well done.