Friday, September 16, 2016

September 2015 Hybrid Layouts - Harry Potter Edition

So did I just make like 8 scrapbook layouts for Maya's Harry Potter party??  Yes.  Yes I did.  And it was so fun!  For a look at the party last year, go here.

The 8x11 template is from Paislee Press Photocentric No.3, and the lightning filler card is In A Creative Bubble Spellbound kit.  I made the train tickets myself and pulled the Hogwarts logo off the web.
I picked up this fun button from Hot Topic.  I just cut off the pin on the back with wire cutters and stuck it with a glue dot to the outside of the page protector to make it lay flat.
The back side of the 8x5x11 page is the invitation.  I will secure the envelope into the album as well, probably with some punched tabs.  I sealed the envelope with a wax seal.
I'm also putting some of the spell books I made in a 6x8 page pocket.  It also has the supply list we used at Diagon Alley.  
This is one of Becky Higgins Panoramic Page Protectors, that gives me a little bit of extra space to add a lot more photos!  I put a tab on it that says "Enter Here" so you know to open it up.
I put a see-through element on this page.  I picked up some cute earrings from Hot Topic and cut the post off the back and filed them smooth.
Here's a look at the page when it's open. The 9 3/4 button I picked up at Target and just clipped the pin off the back and stuck it down.  The journaling card is from  In A Creative Bubble Spellbound kit.

The next spread showed the actually party in progress.  Did I mention how fun this party was??  Epic.

The house paper is from Reminice Wizard101 collection, and the stickers are Creative Imaginations that are no longer available.  I got this set off ebay. 
The 4x6 template is Paislee Press.

Another button from Hot Topic.  I put this one on some fuzzy paper to resemble a robe.
The journaling card is from In A Creative Bubble Spellbound kit and the 3x4 collage template is Paislee Press.
I found a mini Marauder's Map online and printed and folded it up to put in this pocket.
The next spread is of the Quidditch match.

I made the Leviosa card myself.  The other journaling card is from The journaling card is from In A Creative Bubble Spellbound kit.
I made the Quidditch banner card from images I found on Harry Potter wikia.  The journaling card is from In A Creative Bubble Spellbound kit and the 4x6 collage template is Paislee Press
And the very last page is dedicated to Honeydukes.

I made the Honeydukes card myself using Allison Pennington's wooden background.  The journaling card I also made.  The Solemnly Swear/Mischief Managed card I modified, but it was a free printable from How to Nest for Less.

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