Monday, April 4, 2016

Cultivating a Love for Reading

I'm still trying to cultivate a love for reading in Ethen.  First grade has been good in the fact that he is reading more silently on his own, rather than me reading out loud to him or him to me.

When he jumps off the bus, he always has a book in hand, which I am so happy to see.  It is usually a non-fiction book, but at least he's reading.

He carried the dictionary around for a week, and then moved on to Guinness Book of World Records

As I mentioned in my last post about his reading habits, he loves non-fiction.  I try to give him a mix of genres to spark interest in other areas.

First I'll share a few picture books that I think are gems.  Then I'll share some of his favorites from the Texas 2x2 Reading List, and finally a list of just-right early chapter books.


 Swim! Swim!
SWIM, SWIM, by Lerch
Oh my!  This was the best book I've read in a long time.  Lonely Lerch is looking for a friend.  It had me laughing until the absolute adoring ending.  Written by Lerch himself!

I Wanna Go Home

I Wanna Go Home, by Karen Kaufman Orloff 
A companion to her bestselling book, I Wanna Iguana, this sequel is even better than the first.  Poor Alex has to stay a week at his grandpa and grandma's house.  Will he survive?  I'm definitely getting a copy of this one for the grandparents' library.


There are 20 books on the annual Texas 2x2 Reading List for kids age 2-2nd grade.  Ethen read them all, but these few stood out heads above the rest.

Water Can Be . . .

Water Can Be..., by Laura Purdie Salas
Seemingly boring old water has hidden personality and is so much more than meets the eye.  I was skeptical, but this brought tears to my eyes.  Water truly is captivating.  The illustrations are wonderful.


Maple, by Lori Nichols
A story of a sweet friendship with a growing tree and girl.

My Grandfather's Coat

My Grandfather's Coat, by Jim Aylesworth
A must-read for the generation of entitled children who know not the value of their blessed, possession-enriched lives.

The Girl and the Bicycle

The Girl and the Bicycle, by Mark Pett
Though there are no words, this book teaches such a sweet lesson.  Ethen loved it and gave his own commentary about the events that take place and what they mean.


Scholastic has a new line called "Branches" that have early chapter books for those kids ready to start reading independently.  Not too long, they hold your attention and the stories are fun and interesting.  We've read:

    By: Tracey West
□    Rise of the Earth Dragon
□    Saving the Sun Dragon
□    Secret of the Water Dragon
□    Power of the Fire Dragon

    By: Jack Chabert
□    The School is Alive!
□    The Locker Ate Lucy!
□    Recess is a Jungle!
□    The Science Fair is Freaky!

    By: David Lubar
□    Stranger Things
□    Meltdown Madness
□    Dinosaur Disaster
□    Stage Fright

    By: Troy Cummings
□    Rise of the Balloon Goons
□    Day of the Night Crawlers
□    Attack of the Shadow Smashers
□    Chomp of the Meat-Eating Vegetables
□    Whack of the P-Rex
□    Pop of the Bumpy Mummy
□    Flurry of the Snombies
□    Charge of the Lightning Bugs
□    Rumble of the Coaster Ghost

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laurasalas said...

How fun to see your son marching proudly along with his books. Many readers, boys, especially (not to stereotype--the numbers back this up), just enjoy nonfiction a lot more than fiction. It's awesome that you're introducing him to all sorts of books to give him a broad base to discover different kinds of reading experiences, but reading nonfiction is certainly a rewarding and useful experience all on its own. He's lucky to have you encouraging his growth as a reader--and I'm honored that y'all enjoyed my Water Can Be.... Happy reading!