Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Remembering Grandma

Grandma Becker and Maya - Oct 2007

  1. Spending a week each summer at her home in American Falls
  2. Swimming at Indian Springs
  3. Ring pops at the Circle K
  4. School shopping in Pocatello
  5. Blue Buick
  6. Staying up late to watch the weather
  7. Morning coffee
  8. Stargazing in the backyard
  9. Orange sofa
  10. Thanksgivings and Mother's Days
  11. Lying in the hammock in the front yard
  12. Tea parties in the basement
I have always known my grandma loved me.  I am so happy for the joyous reunions she is having now with her parents, August, Gus, Irene, Daniel, Herbert, and many others.

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